Scooter | Buggy | Quad rental – Kos

Rental Terms and Conditions

Driving License

50cc scooter: AM or M or A1 or A2 or A
80cc scooter: AM or M or A1 or A2 or A
125cc scooter: A1 or A2 or A
200cc scooter: A2 or A
300cc scooter: A2 or A
50cc quad: AM or M or A1 or A2 or A
300cc quad: B
450cc quad: B
520cc quad: B
Buggy: B

You can't drive a scooter with a B License

If your Driving license is issued by a country, which is not a member of Europe Continent (e.g. USA, Australia, Canada, Israel) an International Driving Permit is required.


Please read carefully the Driving License and Minimum Age requirements. In case you don’t meet the minimum requirements our company has the right to cancel your reservation at any time.

Our cancellation policy is as follows: Up to 7 days before the pick up day: Fully refundable.

Later than 7 days and until 3 days before the scheduled pickup day: Half price refund.

3 days or less: No refund.

Our company has the right to charge you for any cancellation fees charged by the banks or Paypal.

Extra CDW Insurance

For some of our vehicles a Collission Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) Insurance is available with an extra daily fee.

This kind of insurance limits the maximum amount that the renter is liable in case of an accident to a specific amount.

Please note that if an accident occurred, two parties must be involved, our company, the police and our insurance company must be informed.

In case you fall or cause any damage to the vehicle by yourself, you are responsible for any damages incurred to the vehicle.

Delivery Pickup

We'll deliver the vehicle you' ve requested, at your hotel on the agreed date and time. At that time it is advisible to be at the reception of your hotel, with your driving license, so it could be easier to get in touch with you and make all the necessary paperwork. On the final day of the rental we' ll come and collect the vehicle from your hotel, while it is not necessary for you to be present at this time.

Online Payment

To secure your reservation, the total cost of your reservation is required,
It is payable using our safe and secure environment with your credit or debit card or with your Paypal account.

Our staff keeps the right to cancel your reservation and charge you cancellation fees if you have an invalid Driving License or you don't meet the minimum age criteria.


All vehicles are insured with a third party insurance which it is included in the price. If an accident occurs due to the driver's fault, the insurance will pay the damage of the third party, but the driver is responsible for any damages to the scooter/quad.

This is due to the fact that all Greek insurance companies don't provide full insurance for the scooters and the Quads.

Minimum Age

50cc scooter: 18 years old
80cc scooter: 18 years old
125cc scooter: 21 years old
200cc scooter: 23 years old
300cc scooter: 23 years old
50cc quad: 21 years old
300cc quad: 23 years old
450cc quad: 23 years old


At the end of the rental, our vehicles must be returned with the same amount of gasoline that they had when you rented them.

Failed to do so, our company may charge you for the cost of gasoline that is missing.


We deliver our vehicles free of charge in most hotels across the city of Kos, to Psalidi and Lambi area and to the villages of Tigaki, Marmari, Mastichari and Kardamena.

We don't offer any services for the airport or the harbour of Kos city.

Driving Legally

You must always drive in a road with an asphalt. It is not allowed to drive off-road in rocky areas or on the beach. Driving the vehicles in the vicinity of the beach, or off the authorised roads, is illegal, could lead to getting fined by the local autorities and may cause serious damage to the vehicle.

Such circumstances would automatically null and void the insurance policy and result in the loss of all money deposited by the renter and the cancellation of the rental contract.

Traffic Fines

The customer is solely liable and must pay for all tickets and penalties resulting from any of violation of the Greek Traffic Law during the rental period. If any such administrative action is not disclosed to the company at the end of the rental period(contract), the violation will be charged to the renter. The most common requirements to avoid any traffic fine are for both the passengers to wear their helmets, and for the driver to have his/her driving license with him/her and to drive below the speed limit.


Our first priority is to provide an excellent customer service for all of our clients, but in the rare occasion and because of some unforeseen circumstances, the reserved scooter or quad is not available, our company reserves the right to provide a different model to that originally reserved of an equivalent or higher model type.
If there is a difference in prices between the provided and the originaly reserved vehicle, our company will refund the difference to our customer.


Are you Trustworthy?

kosmotoGP Rentals is fully bonded by EOT (Greek National Tourist Board) and we have been in the motorbike, quad and bicycle Rental bussiness for over 24 years. Our personnel are highly trained and educated people, we have high insurance standards and an emergency customer support.

All our vehicles are either brand new or in the best possible condition, with all their certifications for safe drive.

Why Should I book in advance online, and not locally?

There are many special offers as well as discount packages you will only find online. You can also check all our vehicles with their technical specifications, images, availability and prices with an immediate response. Please note that our rental company has the right to adjust the prices without any prior notice. So it will be wise to make your reservation in advance.

What do I Do If the Rental Vehicle Breaks Down Or If I have An Accident?

All our scooters, quads and bicycles are in excellent condition and highly maintaned by our experienced mechanics. We use only certified, original spare parts from their manufacturers.
But if an accident occurs or your vehicle breaks down, you must remain calm and call us immediately. We will then arrange assistance as soon as possible.